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A formatting language used for documents on the World Wide Web. HTML files are plain text files with formatting Codes or that tell browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator how to display text, position graphics and form items, and display links to other pages.
A file used to define a style for a web page. The purpose is to provide more control over all aspects of the web page than can be provided by raw HTML. Also, since the CSS file is separate from the HTML files, it can be shared by multiple web pages to help provide a consistent look-and-feel across a web site.

[ While the HTML file contains the information, the CSS file tells the HTML page how it should look. ]
The ability to include files from the server inside an HTML document by placing <tags> in the HTML. Using ASP and SSI makes it unnecessary to include multiple copies of the same information.

[ example - A single file, menu.html will be ‘included’ into each ‘master’ html file ]
A standard for interfacing external applications with information servers, such as Web servers. A plain HTML document is static, which means it exists in a constant state: a text file that doesn't change. A CGI program, on the other hand, is executed in real-time, so that it can output dynamic information.

[ example - a ‘contact form’ uses CGI to relay information entered on the website through email to the appropriate person ]
Flash is a movie that is displayed within the HTML environment. You have complete control of this movie. You can display animations. You can make the animations clickable. Flash gives you much more creative room than HTML, but it requires a ‘plug-in’, software on your computer that runs Flash.

[ example - a short movie of images of your county when the website is first viewed ]
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