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This section should be used to relay contact information for your office staff. Generally this would include the Judge / Executive, Treasurer, Finance Officer, Tax Administrator, Administrative Assistants and anyone else in the Fiscal Court administration.
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This section is for any and all publicly elected officials. Typically this would be the Clerk, Sheriff, Coroner, Jailer, Property Valuation Administrator and anyone else who would be considered an elected official.
blank Fiscal Court

We typically use this section to highlight those individuals who are directly related to the running of the Fiscal Court. The Judge / Executive, County Attorney and all of the Magistrates or Commissioners. This page not only shows your public those entrusted with running the Court but can also give feed-back from those members to the public

Under the Fiscal Court Heading is also a wonderful place to make available all public documents for and about the Court. Agendas, Minutes, Budgets, Financials or even a complete layout of your Ordiances
blank Departments

Every Fiscal Court has a number of Departments which operate to accomplish different goals. This section allows for each department to have it's own page for as much or as little information as is available for each department. Besides general contact information you can provide links to specific documents, information about upcoming events or anything pertanent to that Department.
blank Boards & Commissions

Every Court has many boards and commissions. This section will allow your public to see exactly what Boards & Commissions are available and who is speaking for them.
blank News & Information

There is always the need for a court, government or organization to confer news and information to its public in a listing or in a calendar style. A website is the perfect way to accomplish this goal. With the option of dedicated news sections or links to local newspaper articles.
blank Contact Us

This page is typically a webform that can be filled out to pass information from the website user back to the Court. This is also an obvious place to find addresses, phone #s, email address, operating hours and any other pertenant contact information.
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This page is to show off other websites that might interest your county residents. Weather it be the local schools, news papers or other organizational websites.
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