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Fiscalsoft® Corporation is a Software Publishing Company. We license our software directly to county fiscal courts, cities, and special districts. We offer our prospective customers free, fully-functional evaluation (demo) versions of our software. This allows the customer to test the software in order to make sure it fits their needs, prior to purchasing a license for one or more of our software products. Any data entered into our demos is retained once you purchase a software license and register your demo.

Purchasing a Software license also provides your municipality one free fiscal year (for a full license) software support subscription. The annual license also comes with a free support subscription for the annual license period (Feb 1 through Jan 31). This subscription allows up to 2 hours of software support, via telephone or e-mail, as well as on-going updates to the major version of the software license you purchased. Customers are encouraged to submit software "wish-lists" to help improve the functionality of the software application, as long as it benefits any municipal customer. Our software applications are commercial products; we don't customize our software for any particular customer. This allows us to keep our license fees affordable to small counties, cities, and special districts. We charge a tiered license fee and support subscription fee, which allows all municipalities to purchase licenses for our software..

We feel the RFP approach to acquiring the software you need is highly inadequate. Our experience with this process is that it significantly increases the costs for your software. Many large software vendors prefer to use an RFP as it greatly increases their revenues. The best way to get the software you need is to request fully functional demos of the software, so that you can make a fully-informed decision before making a purchase.

Please do not include Fiscalsoft Corporation in an RFP for municipal software. We won't reply to the request.
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